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Hello, welcome to Sichuan Shifang Chuhong Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd. official website.
0838-2569019 0838-8266178
18081236110 13881062286
Recruitcurrent location:Recruit > Recruit
Job Title: Foreign Trade Salesman
Recruitment number: 3
Place of work: Room 1003, Tower A, Fortune City Fortune Center, 477 Laoshan North Road, Deyang, Sichuan, China
Published: 2018/04/03
Qualifications: English level 4 or above, able to independently read and write English mail, speaking skills, computer, quick thinking, diligent, pragmatic, patience, gentle personality, hard-working, to adapt to travel. There is a preference for selling phosphate products.
Job benefits: weekend weekends, five insurance, overtime subsidies, transport subsidies, make up, meal supplements
Hotline:0838-2569019  18081236110  0838-8266178  13881062286
Address:No. 477 Mount Lu North Road, Deyang, hope city, Fortune Center, block A, room 1003.